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Could Antibiotics Cure Your Back Pain

Many people suffering from chronic back pain could be treated with antibiotics (Picture: Alamy) Could Antibiotics Cure Your Back Pain? Millions of people who suffer chronic back pain could be cured by a simple and cheap course of antibiotics, scientists have claimed. Many cases of lower back pain are linked to a bacterial infection responsible for acne, they said. The bacteria could be treated by a three-month course of antibiotics costing just £114 – reducing the need for surgery which costs the NHS millions of pounds. The treatment could be an option for a ‘special subgroup’ of chronic lower back pain patients, lead researcher Dr Hanne Albert, from the University of Southern Denmark, told Metro. ‘They have pain 24/7 and 70 per cent wake up in the night when they turn over,’ she added. ‘They can’t dry their feet in the morning after getting out of the shower. This treatment is potentially life-changing for the group of patients who suffer the most.’ Bacteria invade the injury sites of slipped disks, causing painful inflammation and damage to surrounding vertebrae, the first of two papers published in the European Spine Journal found. Most infections were caused by Propionbacterium acnes, which secretes an acid capable of dissolving bone. Researchers believe the bugs may be to blame for up to 40 per cent of all cases of chronic lower back pain, which affects about eight per cent of the population at some point in their lives. In tests, the antibiotics were effective in 80 per cent of cases. Peter Hamlyn, a surgeon at University College Hospital London, said the findings were ‘revolutionary’. ‘More work needs to be done but, make no mistake, this is a turning point. It is the stuff of Nobel prizes,’ he said. Lower back pain complaints cost the NHS about £481 million each year, latest figures show. Know someone who needs this info?

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Why Not Drinking Enough Water Can Cause Chronic Back Pain

          It has been estimated that over 80% of us suffer from some kind of back pain during our lifetime. It is secondary only to stress (which can be a contributory factor in back pain) as the biggest cause of absenteeism in the west. More working days are lost through stress and back pain than any other ailment.       Back pain can be caused by many things from bad posture, to actual physical damage but the biggest culprit is lack of water or “dehydration.” This will compromise us in many ways but it’s affect on the spine can be extreme.         The spine is made up of several small bones or “vertebrae”. Between which lie disks These help the spine absorb pressure and enable it to act like a sophisticated bendy straw. Each disk is made up of two parts. First the tough, flexible, outer shell which surrounds and encases the second part, a gelatinous liquid. The outer shell is designed to take approximately 25% of the body’s weight, where the fluid inside takes roughly 75%. When the body becomes dehydrated, the disk is unable to sustain this weight and it can become damaged, misplaced or even prolapsed,causing chronic back pain.      To combat these effects it is advised to drink plenty of water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty though, as this means you are already beginning to show signs of dehydration. Always drink twice as much as it takes to quench your thirst. Avoid drinks such as tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol as these act as a diuretic and can exacerbate the problem of chronic back pain and sciatica        Our modern day trend for sedentary work with in dry, warm offices can also be a contributory factor to back pain. Many of us are guilty of drinking endless cups of tea and coffee, lunchtime drinks ALCOHOL) in the pub and worse still, energy drinks which are all temporary hydration fixes (we think) however are actually all diuretics- meaning they will dehydrate you. Regular stretching of your back and muscles throughout the day is recommended. Gentle to moderate exercise is also advised but it is important to drink plenty of water throughout to avoid back spasm and pain.   At night, whilst resting, the discs rehydrate (as long as enough water has been consumed). Thus, a person can be up to 1.5c.m. taller in the morning, than before going to bed the previous evening. Look at the image of the peach on the left and imagine your spine, if dehydrated will resemble the dried out peaches on top of the juicy peach as it should look!        So, how much should we be drinking? Well, as we are all different heights and weights, a simple way of calculating this is to drink one small glass of water for every 10kg you weigh. For example, if you weigh 110 kgs you should drink 11 small glasses of water (roughly 2 to 2.5 litres  a day.) If you have a job or […]

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Research- Back Pain

Background to back pain & the research into it   Michael Morris BSc(hons), PGCE, LCSP(phys), MBTPA Bowen Therapist & ECBS Tutor   Low Back Pain (LBP) is often interpreted as pain interfering with activities such as mobility, dressing, sitting and standing. In the majority of cases, the aetiology of back pain is unknown and therefore is considered as “nonspecific back pain” (1). Back pain is considered “specific” if its aetiology is known (e.g., radiculopathy, disc disease). The term or title ‘chronic, non-specific LBP’ (CNSLBP) has become more accepted and recognised by the layperson, as more information can be found regarding the condition in the media and via the Internet. Read More…   Know someone who needs this info?

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Latest Survey on Bowen Technique Therapy

Bowen Survey Astonishing Feedback In 2012 ECBS conducted a survey from data collected by practitioners who were undertaking training in the Bowen Technique.1130 people were asked the following 3 questions.1. Would you have a Bowen Technique treatment again? 2. Would you recommend the Bowen Technique to family/friends? 3. Overall has the Bowen Technique been of benefit to you? 97% would recommend the Bowen Technique to others and 97% said they benefitted from having Bowen therapy. Information shared courtesy of: The Bowen Technique, European College of Bowen Studies Read more… Know someone who needs this info?

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