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Sports Massage Treatment – London

Need A Sport’s Massage Treatment?

Have  you been putting your body through a tough time lately? 
Do you have a repetitive strain injury?
Have you been a little over enthusiastic the the gym or on the pitch?

Does Back Pain Clinic Relief and Treatment London offer the most effective Sports Massage Treatment in London?

What Our Clients Say

”I lift weights all day every day because I am a builder and a workaholic! I am a fit man who never had any problems until 3 months ago when I woke up and found it impossible to put my t shirt over my head as my shoulder and arm were killing me. I still went to work, but couldn’t do anything for about 3 days and the pain was getting worse and I was getting frustrated with myself as well as my workers. I went to my GP who said it was a trapped nerve and then referred me to the hospital, telling me I would receive an appointment in 6-8 weeks time…if I was lucky? Lucky??? I am self employed and luck doesn’t come into anything in my world! So I went home and started searching online for help, advice and treatment. I found Andy’s Clinic and booked for the next day. He did the treatment and I can remember thinking ‘what the hell is he doing’ as it was so soft and gentle that it couldn’t possibly work. But it did and it worked straight away. I was supposed to go back for another treatment the following week but I was back to work the next day and no problems at all since. Thanks again Andy and definately give it a whirl as I give Andy’s treatment 5 stars!!!”
Pauly Leslie. SE1 LONDON Read More

What is the Sports Massage Treatment?

At the Back Pain Clinic Relief and Treatment London we specialise in the treatment of Sports Injuries.

The sports massage treatment that we use is  Bowen Therapy Technique.The treatment is based on small rolling movements between finger and thumb applied to specific muscles on the body. These gentle, subtle movements send messages to the brain and back down to affected muscle areas to start the body’s natural self healing process.Many clients have questioned how such a gentle treatment can work,  Read more



What Is Our Success Rate?

  •  98% success rate in our clients reporting an immediate feeling of relief of aches and pains in sports injuries and sports strains.
    89% success rate in long term relief of symptoms after 1-3 treatments

What Happens In A Sports Massage Treatment?

Before every treatment, you will have a 15 minute assessment. Your treatment practitioner will ask you questions about:

  • Medical history
  • Work
  • Sports and other activities
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet

It is important to answer all questions as honestly as possible as your practitioner needs to check that you do not have any underlying medical conditions,or a condition that has not been diagnosed by a medical professional.

Our treatment works as a complementary treatment, and if you have a diagnosed medical condition,you will  still be able to have a sports massage treatment in most cases.  Read more

After the assessment you will have minute sports massage treatment which generally lasts approx 45 minutes.

Read more on what happens in treatments click to read

How much does it cost?


Sports massage treatment london




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