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“I had been suffering from a shoulder injury for two years . Every time it improved, I would accidentally wrench it, just doing something simple like lifting a heavy bag, and be in pain again. I saw Andy Jacques, for a Bowen treatment, and after one session only my shoulder completely recovered and regained its stability so that simple movements no longer aggravated it, and it has remained like that for over five years now.
Since then I have returned for treatment of any other aches and pains, mostly caused by long hours sitting at a computer, and have always experience a vast improvement after only one or two sessions. The treatments are always gentle and relaxing, and results are immediate. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Dana Finch, London uk.
“I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue and severe migraines for almost 10 years, to varying degrees. I recently had Andy give me 3 treatments with the Bowen-Technique and have seen a definite improvement. The previous 8 months had been a bad patch for me and I was struggling to recover from side effects of some medication I had been prescribed (that hadn’t worked!). After the treatments I saw a real improvement in energy levels and the number of migraines have also reduced. I felt like it gave my system a really good kick start. Am really pleased.” – Jo
”I was referred to Andy by my brother who used his services as he is an athlete. I had been having a lot of problems with a pulled hamstring in the same leg for over 3 years from  football injuries, and I had been out of action for 6 months by the time I saw Andy. To be honest I was desperate and would have tried anything by then as I am a black taxi driver and was unable to drive. I was swamped in debts and probably not far from being divorced  as I couldn’t drive, earn any money and I really wasn’t a nice guy to live with!!  I really didn’t have any expectations for the treatment working as I had been to physio therapy which didn’t help at all. I saw Andy for my first treatment on the Monday and by Wednesday of the same week I was back in London in my cab. I had one more treatment and then I had to go back a couple of months after as I could feel a bit of tightness in the leg. That was 3 years ago and touch wood- I have not needed another treatment since.I recommend Andy to all my mates and customers as he basically fixed me up and saved my marriage!”
Andy Davies, Islington, London.
”I first went to Andrew’s Clinic in 2009 after a prolonged episode of sciatica, which I had been suffering during my first pregnancy of that year. Bowen Therapy was almost unheard of in the UK at that time, but my mother suggested it as she lives in Australia where the treatment originates from. I was unable to walk AT ALL at this time and Andrew actually had to attend my home with his therapy couch to do my treatment. To say that I was amazed after was an understatement- not only was I able to walk but it was instant. However I still needed weekly treatments as the sciatica was being brought on by my unborn baby laying on a nerve, Fortunately she was delivered safely four weeks later. I can truly say that I would have been totally unable to cope without having this wonderful treatment from Andrew as I was completely incapacitated by pain. Anyone out there suffering from sciatica? Please give it a try as its a fabulous treatment, very relaxing and worked for me.”
Amelia Sanderson, Wimbledon, London
”I lift weights all day every day because I am a builder and a workaholic! I am a fit man who never had any problems until 3 months ago when I woke up and found it impossible to put my t shirt over my head as my shoulder and arm were killing me. I still went to work, but couldn’t do anything for about 3 days and the pain was getting worse and I was getting frustrated with myself as well as my workers. I went to my GP who said it was a trapped nerve and then referred me to the hospital, telling me I would receive an appointment in 6-8 weeks time…if I was lucky? Lucky??? I am self employed and luck doesn’t come into anything in my world! So I went home and started searching online for help, advice and treatment. I found Andy’s Clinic and booked for the next day. He did the treatment and I can remember thinking ‘what the hell is he doing’ as it was so soft and gentle that it couldn’t possibly work. But it did and it worked straight away. I was supposed to go back for another treatment the following week but I was back to work the next day and no problems at all since. Thanks again Andy and definately give it a whirl as I give Andy’s treatment 5 stars!!!”
Pauly Leslie. SE1 LONDON
”I took my son for a consultation as I had been researching alternative therapies for asthma in children. My son who is now 8 was diagnosed with asthma at 3 and the symptoms had dramatically increased after we moved near to a busy and highly polluted main road in  London. He was wheezing a lot and having to use his inhalers about 4 times as much as before. Whilst thinking about relocating again, the last straw was at a hospital outpatient appointment where his medication was changed to a very strong steroid which could increase in his appetite which result in weight gain. Although I obviously took the prescription, I wasn’t happy about all the possible side effects and decided to seek support.Although I was prepared to give my son these steroids I wanted to look at other treatments that were available.
Andy did 3 treatments on my son and then a further treatment some months later during that winter. Within four days of the first treatment his symptoms had gone. He had stopped wheezing and was able run about like any other 5 year old. I now take him back to Andy when he has any symptoms, which has only been twice. I think that the treatment is brilliant and would highly recommend to anyone.”
Mrs A. Bennett. Streatham, London.
”I have had chronic back pain on and off for many years  and the usual Osteopathic treatments whilst providing some relief always fall short of longevity. I have used Andrew a couple of times in the last few months and he has brought effective relief of pain and spasms.I intend to continue using Andrew as it’s effective, a great way to relax and seemingly free of lengthy bone cracking manipulations.
Mark, Nurse LONDON N8
I do a lot of sports so I often get muscle tightness after a particularly hard session or a twinge in a muscle from time to time. I found that having Bowen Treatment with Andy is a good way to prevent any injuries and view it as my MOT. I would recommend it to anyone who is into sports as part of their exercise routine. The treatment is very gentle – not at all like a sports massage but the effect is of relaxation and balance in the body. Irina, LONDON


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